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Tuesday, 23th of April

20:00 - 21:00 Uhr 

Online Zoom Event

​Join our 60 min online Masterclass to learn about the Gut and the Microbiome and how to rebuild it especially after a Cleanse. In this Masterclass Gut Expert Dr. Maren Kemper will give a lecture on on Gut health and Microbiome and you will have the possibility to ask your questions in an 15 min Q&A Session.

YOUR INVESTMENT in your health and Wellbeing

 10 EUR

Dr. Maren Kemper studied biochemistry at the Free University of Berlin and completed her doctorate in chemistry at the University of Hamburg under Prof. Kerscher. 

She worked for the renowned dermatologist Prof. Dr. Steinkraus and conducted research at the Dermatologikum Hamburg, among others. 

Dr. Maren Kemper already studied the microbiome intensively during her studies.

Her fascination with the multifaceted effects of gut bacteria on human well-being - from the immune system to mental health - led her to specialize in this field. 

With her profound expertise in the field of the microbiome, Dr. Kemper is now a recognized expert in intestinal health.


Anmeldung zur online Masterclass mit Darmexpertin Dr. Maren Kemper

The important role of the Microbiome and how to rebuild it after a cleanse.

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