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A  Journey through the senses.





May, 12th, 2024  - 17:00 PM - 21 pm


@ Kami Studio 

Große Brunnenstraße 63a

 22763 Hamburg


This will be a unique experience at the wonderful Kami Studio in Ottensen.

Join us for an evening of Movement, Breath, Sound, Smell & Taste.

Activating your senses, relaxing your body and mind, feeding your spirit. This will be an extraordinary journey.

2 experienced Jivamukti teachers, one PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® instructor and an outstanding vegan chef and health coach will guide and assist you during this 4 hours journey.

Surrounded by beautiful interior  we will practice a 60 minute dynamic Jivamukti Yoga Class with uplifting music to prepare your body and mind to tap  into the Power of your Breath to reach a state of Non-ordinary Consciousness & Unleash your Inner Self, your potential and dreams.

Let Franziska guide you into a journey of exploration with 

PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®, a  dynamic breath work ritual mixing and combining elements from ancient yoga traditions and findings of contemporary neuroscience, blended with special selected music to elevate and deepen your experience.


During the practice we clear out mental, emotional and physical blockages and find a deep connection to source, the Self, our true potential and the voice of our heart.

At the end of the the evening  we’ll gather around a lush dinner table full of seasonal delights prepared by vegan chef and holistic health coach Caro Gante. For this special dinner the absence of plates and cutlery serves to enhance the experience for all our senses - hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. Eating purely from hand to mouth Caro will guide us through a culinary journey full of diverse flavours and textures to nourish body and mind.


Wit drinks and food and conversations with new and old acquaintances, the evening draws to a close around 9 pm.

Yoga is for all levels, teaching language will be German & English depending on the group.


Spots are limited!

Investment: 119 EUR

Bring someone, and get 2 tickets for 200 EUR. USE CODE Wearefamily



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┾  What's included

- 60 min Jivamukti Class (for all levels) 

- Guided deep relaxation and Meditation

- 90 min PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® Session 

- Yoga Equipment Mats, Blocks and Belts

- Vegan gourmet Dinner 

- virgin Apperetivos  plus Water and Tea 

- Personal Guidance and Hands on Assists by 2 experiences teachers

- Great Community and Conversations

- Welcome Gifts


Prices are per person.



Caro Gante

Caro is an intuitive private  vegan Chef and health Coach.

Caro's expertise in holistic health and plant-based cuisine.

Caro has been passionate about cooking, food and nutrition for almost all of her life. Connecting her knowledge of holistic health and her love for innovative cooking, she creates unique, vegan food that will leave you feeling nourished and satisfied. Her culinary works are mostly inspired by her surroundings, centered around natural, seasonal and local ingredients and designed to promote health in a flavorful way.


Nourish your body and soul with every bite created by Caro.

Debby Reuter

Debby is a 875h+  Certified Jivamukti Teacher & the Founder of W.H.Y. Retreats. 

After travelling around the world, Debby was inspired by many teachers and Yoga styles and finally lost her heart at Jivamukti Yoga. She learnt to teach the method from Moritz Ulrich and Yogeshwari followed by a 500h apprenticeship with her dear Mentor Mitch Burnett in Barcelona in 2023.  Who not treating on Retreats she teaches at Roots Yoga Hamburg. Debby is also a certified NLP Master and the founder of W.H.Y.Retreats.

Her vision is to help people to take a pause from their busy life’s finding what it is what they really really want and support a healthy and mobile lifestyle while well-aging.


With her clear and gentle voice, she creates a calming atmosphere which helps her students to be present and focused on their practice. With precise alignment cues, she guides them through mindful movement and physically challenging sequences without pushing or rushing through the Asanas.


Teaching Language: English & German

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Franzi Hermann


Franzi is a 800h+  certified Jivamukti Teacher & PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®️Facilitator 

Franziska did her first Vinyasa training  in 2017 in Goa followed by the 300h Jivamukti TT in Italy 2022.  During her  500hrs apprenticeship at Jivamukti Yoga Barcelona she learnt to tech the Method from her dear Mentor Karina Gusalova.


For Franziska, coming from a dance background, sharing yoga means creating safe and uplifting spaces in which everyone is welcome and can simply BE in their essence and express from there. Therefore connection to the body, intuition and freedom through movement and breathing are essential. 


She loves to lead with topics from the heart, groovy music, story telling, fun flows and teaches - besides Jivamukti, Breathwork called PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®️ as well as dance and embodiment for more openness, liberated expression and women empowerment.

Teaching Language: English & German

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