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A spring retreat dedicated to the awakening of nature and your true self.

Pollensa, Mallorca

31 Mar - 6 Apr, 2024



Shed your winter layers, slow down and soak up some rays of sunlight while the island is exploding into colors. Awaken your body and mind through daily Asana practice and tailored Workshops about the fundamentals of Yoga.

If you’re interested in exploring scenic Pollensa from the bike, we also offer daily guided cycling tours in the mornings. Cycling is optional and you are welcome to practice Yoga instead.

This might be a great opportunity to bring your partner or a friend who might not be into Yoga as much as you are but will get a chance to get to know Yoga in the afternoons through our tailored workshops.

Come join us for seven days on this beautiful Balearic island to strengthen and balance your body and mind, find calmness and clarity in meditation, and enjoy the tranquility and peaceful nature. 

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This retreat is open to everybody, beginners and/or advanced Yogis and Cycling enthusiasts. Just come with an open mind and the willingness to explore, feel, and have fun. Don’t be afraid of travelling and joining on your own, you will meet a great community and will soon make new friends.

You choose, whether you want to practice Yoga twice a day or road cycle in the morning and join the Yoga Workshops and Restorative classes in the afternoon.

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La Serrania is a retreat center in the foothills of the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains in the northern part of Mallorca.

Surrounded by oak woods, olive groves, and built on limestone, the clear and serene architecture completely blends into the Mediterranean setting, creating a sense of harmony and wholeness.


The property enjoys breathtaking views of the Mountains. Spend some time alone in a quiet corner on your private terrace, or hang out with the group in the communal spaces such as the cozy living room or the outdoor terrace lounge and sparkling Pool.



Your health and wellbeing is our priority. Our private Chef and integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Caro Gante, will create daily nourishing healthy snacks and meals from seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. We will enjoy farm-to-table style meals on fine-dining level with well-balanced nutrition to fuel our body and mind.

Caro will share insights about the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. In her optional Holistic Health workshop, you’ll learn how to cultivate well-being from within through holistic practices and tools that go beyond the usual topics of diet and physical activity. Expand your knowledge and feel more empowered to enhance your health holistically.


Meet The Team

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Debby Reuter

Host & Teacher

Certified Jivamukti Teacher



Former Radio presenter, businesswoman, and now female founder and Yoga teacher. After travelling around the world, Debby was inspired by many teachers and Yoga styles and finally lost her heart at Jivamukti Yoga. She teaches at Roots Yoga Hamburg and is currently doing the 800h Jivamukti Teacher Apprenticeship Program in Barcelona with Mitch Burnett as her Mentor. She is a certified NLP Master and founder of W.H.Y.Retreats. With her clear and gentle voice, she creates a calming atmosphere which helps her students to be present and focused on their practice. With precise alignment cues, she guides them through mindful movement and physically challenging sequences without pushing or rushing through the Asanas.

Teaching Language: English & German

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Juan Sierra


Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher


Juan (born in Peru and raised in NYC) is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and a Mentor for Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Trainings. He was introduced to Yoga by a friend, and that was the turning point in his life. Yoga contributed to peeling away the layers of avidya (illusion, ignorance) and to have compassion for all beings. His classes are filled with “crisp” humor and endearing humility, skillful hands-on assists, and thoughtful choice of music. Juan offers a witty yet challenging practice that strives to inspire and empower, giving students tools to develop consciousness – and maintain undisrupted when faced with the calamities of everyday life. Juan is eternally grateful to his Teachers who have influenced him: David Swenson, Sharon Gannon, David Life, and his mentor, Rima Rani Rabbath.

Teaching Language: English & German

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Sascha aka "Tom"

Cycling Guide

Sports Leader & Enthusiast


Sascha, who you can also call "Tom", has been a real sports and movement enthusiast for most of his life.

With the age of 10, his boxing career startet. At 16, he switched to Thai Boxing and actively competed as a semi-professional until 2006. He has been a passionate Crossfiter for 17 years and in 2019, he discovered his love for road cycling.

There isn't a day where Tom isn't found on either the saddle or at the Cross Fit Box. For more flexibility and blancae, yoga and kinetic stretching are part of his sports routine.


Teaching Language: English & German


Caro Gante

Private Chef and Holistic Health Coach

Caro has been passionate about cooking, food and nutrition for almost all of her life. Connecting her knowledge of holistic health and her love for innovative cooking, she creates unique, vegan food that will leave you feeling nourished and satisfied. Her culinary works are mostly inspired by her surroundings, centered around natural, seasonal and local ingredients and designed to promote health in a flavorful way.

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