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19. April 2024 


A  Journey through the senses.


April, 19th, 2024  - 6:00 PM - 10 pm


@ JB Finearts

Tesdorpfstraße 21

20148 Hamburg


This will be a unique experience at the extraordinary location at JB FINEARTS 

Join us for an evening of Art, Yoga, Breath, Sound, Smell & Taste.

Surrounded by beautiful Art we will practice a 75 minute gentle Jivamukti Class focusing on your breathing. As your body and mind feeling more quiet you will rest  during a 45 min Soundbath in deep relaxation mode. Experience the magic of vibrations  by chanting together ancient Mantras. Unwind and relax, dive deep into the world of your senses bringing awareness to the inside.

A delicious vegan gourmet dinner buffet created by Chef Melanie Wehrli and virgin drinks by Dr. Jaglas will round these evening up. 


Co-host and gallery owner Jessica Bauer takes you on a little journey through the gallery with a drink in hand and tells you about the artists and the exhibits.


With drinks and food and conversations with new and old acquaintances, the evening draws to a close around 10 pm.

Yoga is for all levels, teaching language will be German & English depending on the group.


Spots are limited!

Investment: 119 EUR




 Jivamukti Yoga &



Sound Healing

vegan gourmet Dinner & Drinks

┾  What's included

- 75 min Jivamukti Class (for all levels) 

- Guided deep relaxation and Meditation

- 45 min Sound Healing 

- Yoga Equipment Mats, Blocks and Belts

- Vegan gourmet Dinner 

- virgin Apperetivos  plus Water and Tea 

- Guided Gallery Tour

- Great Community and Conversations


Prices are per person.


picutres and dishes by Mėlanie Wherli

Mélanie Wherli

Melanie is an intuitive private Chef and health Coach.

Sie is a culinary artisan and health aficionado with a flair for blending flavors, aesthetics, and well-being. As an intuitive chef, She embarked on a self-taught culinary journey, focusing on nourishing the body with a harmonious balance of taste and health.

With a background in fashion design, aesthetics are ingrained in her creative DNA. She has seamlessly translated her passion for visual appeal into the world of culinary arts. Each dish she  create is for her a painting, designed to be savored not just with the taste buds but also with the eyes—a feast for both senses.

Her curiosity extends beyond the kitchen, delving into the profound connection between food and mood. This passion led her to embark on studies in Health Coaching at the Institution of Integrative Health. She is  dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the gut system and understanding how the food we consume plays a pivotal role in our overall well-being.

Mélanie believes in the power of equilibrium—not just in flavors but in life. Her culinary philosophy revolves around creating dishes that not only tantalize the taste buds but also contribute to the holistic well-being of individuals.

Debby Reuter

Debby is a 875h+  Certified Jivamukti Teacher & the Founder of W.H.Y. Retreats. 

After travelling around the world, Debby was inspired by many teachers and Yoga styles and finally lost her heart at Jivamukti Yoga. She learnt to teach the method from Moritz Ulrich and Yogeshwari followed by a 500h apprenticeship with her dear Mentor Mitch Burnett in Barcelona in 2023.  Who not treating on Retreats she teaches at Roots Yoga Hamburg. Debby is also a certified NLP Master and the founder of W.H.Y.Retreats.

Her vision is to help people to take a pause from their busy life’s finding what it is what they really really want and support a healthy and mobile lifestyle while well-aging.


With her clear and gentle voice, she creates a calming atmosphere which helps her students to be present and focused on their practice. With precise alignment cues, she guides them through mindful movement and physically challenging sequences without pushing or rushing through the Asanas.


Teaching Language: English & German

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Cassius Prudent

Sound Healer, Reiki Master and Prana teacher.

Cassius was born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Martinique. His  father is from Martinique and his  mother from France. He has been in contact with spiritual topics since early childhood, which was introduced to him by his grandmother, who is a healer and fortune teller and is now 105 years old. At the age of 26, his  path led him via France, where he lived for 17 years, to Germany. In his adopted home of Hamburg, where he works as a photographer, he completed levels 1 and 2 of Usui Reiki at the Kayakalpo Institute. He also studied Prana 1, 2 and Prana Psychotherapy.


Cassius is following the call of his  heart and hopes to be able to contribute to the self-healing of many people. We all have the power within us.


Language: French & English & German

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